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Story Land Glen, NH 2015 - By Michael Coutermarsh
Story Land 2015
Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
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Written by Michael Coutermarsh
Edited by Mack aka Pubman

New Dunkin Donutes StandI was originally planning to do 2 trip reports but plans fell through. But myself and some of my family hit up Story Land on Opening day.  Weather was a bit chilly. In fact there was still snow on many of the mountain peaks.  Because of this, the water rides were off the table for this trip but the park had Splash Battle and The Bamboo Chutes open.  Dr Geysers however was closed and it was the only ride closed that day.  We ate no food at the park but instead had Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts on the way to the park and at a Nearby Restaurant, Delaney’s Hole in the Wall.

With the Addition of Roar-O-Saurus in 2014, the park was able to focus on capital improvements for 2015.   Changes could be found all over but one of the most noticeable can be seen as you enter. The park relocated the grab and go snacks to the real meal section of the Pixie Kitchen. In its place is a Dunkin Donuts.  The prices are on par with any other location and you can get the signature drinks as well as their namesake Doughnuts.

Story Land QueenWe all have season passes but the line to get them processed was very long. So we opted to hit the rides first.  As usual, the park’s Polar Coaster was the first ride of the day.  Lines at the rides were reasonably full but none were terribly long.

Polar Coaster X4, Roar-O-Saurus X2, and X1 on the rest of the rides; Cuckoo Clockenspiel, Turtle twirl, Crazy Barn, Eggstrodanary Tractors, Alice’s Tea Cups, Antique Carousel,  and the  Huff Puff and Whistle RR. 

The Train, as usual, was the last ride of the day taken after closing. We walked to and got in line for the Antique Cars but the line was so long we opted to hit the carousel and tea cup rides instead.  This also gave my niece a chance to hit the Fairy tale forest and all it has to offer.

Roar-o-SaurusThe big Surprise for the day is when my niece agreed to ride Roar-O-Saurus. Last year she rode it and didn’t do well. She refused to ride it again or at all in future trips last year. But I talked to her about it a lot over the winter and I promised to stay with her and that we would ride in the middle.  The wait was around 20 minutes.  She did fine on the hill but tensed up as soon as the ride started. I dropped my arm down and let her hold onto it. This seemed to help a lot. Not only did she say she liked the ride, but asked to ride a second time as long as my dad let her hold his arm.  It may be early in the year, but riding with my niece on her second ever wood coaster ride tops my list for most memorable.

Capital Improvements
There were a handful of small additions and changes around the park. In the new Dino area, a couple of fiberglas dinosaur benches have been added, as well as a pergola over the Dino Dig. Sadly, the selection of dinosaurs on display has not increased.

Dutch VillageThe Dutch Village also saw some work. The bridge in front of the Wind Mill was removed and the water way filled in. The area now features a large paved midway and a new landscaped area.  This removed the area’s  bottle neck and looks a lot cleaner.

The gift shop in the Dutch village is now a make your own soft serve sundaes shop.  While I like the food option, the inside looks horrible. Basically a couple of machines on one end featuring chocolate/Vanilla/Swirl and Dole Whips Orange/Pineapple/Swirl, Toppings on each wall, and a cashier on the far end.  The rest of the building is open, wasted space.

Whistle Top Snacks is no more and in it’s place a new gift shop.  This was the best of the capital improvement for me. The inside looks great and the smaller gift shop location has a more specific collection of items. Mostly Roar-o-Saurus Items.

Dutch Shoe RideThe Car ride now has a separate Exit. Similar to the conversion of Dr Geysers you no longer exit in the station. The Park built a new covered area about 100ft for the station where you now exit your car and the car is then sent empty into the station.  Not really sure what they accomplished by this except to shorten your ride. The station was still full and overflowing.  They always unloaded and loaded separately anyways.

The Dutch Shoes also saw some work. The Machine seems to be new. If it isn’t it was very heavily rehabbed. The Swing arms also seem to be longer. The ride no longer has a paved walkway around the ride but not has a Boardwalk that sits partly over the grass.  There is also a new fence but unfortunately it’s very basic aluminum fencing similar to a carnival setup.

The park closes an hour earlier in the spring than they do in the summer.  This made for a bit of a short day.  We left right at closing so we could have dinner and as usual hit a lot of traffic.  I need to get moving though. This trip was on opening day and we’re now in August and I haven’t been back.  But I have all of August and then weekends in Sept and early October. Time to start Planning!

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