Photo Trip Report

Santa's Village Guest Services Winter time had found its way to New England and with it a Christmas Celebration at Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH.   I made plans to visit with my brother, Sister in law, and their 3 children.  I always enjoy pointing out that for me to get to Santa’s Village one must travel through the NH towns of Carol and Bethlehem.  We arrived at the park around 10 and made a point to visit with Rudolph before entering the park.

The first thing you see as you enter the park is a lot of construction along the right side of the main walkway. This soon to be main street area will bring new buildings to the park. One of the buildings will feature a new park restroom to replace the on that presently sits right in the center of the walkway as you enter the park. I was not able to get word of what the rest of the new space created in the new buildings would be used for, but it's good to see a park working so hard to improve their gust experience.

Santa's Village Guest ServicesThe first thing we did is make our way back to the guest services area. This used to be the park’s arcade but recently it was converted. The new look is very nice with bright colors and a much more user friendly setup then its previous location in the main train station. The biggest bonus for me was the free Wi Fi connection within the guest services area.  I took advantage of this a few times during our visit to upload photos off my phone. There was also a very interesting coin op ride that features a sleigh with 2 reindeer and Santa Sitting on the back. I happily dropped the $.50 cents so that my nieces could ride it.

Santa's Chimney Drop

Our first goal was to hit the parks newest ride, Santa’s Chimney Drop. This family drop tower was purchased from the former Santa’s Village in Illinois and brought here to our Santa themed park.  The ride is located towards the back center of the park across the stream from the St Nicks church and adjacent to Santa’s House. This is the first ride to be located in this section of the park which until now only housed theme displays and attractions. The ride is a lot of fun. It operates on a slightly slower program then other towers that I have ridden form this company, but it was still fast enough to be fun. My nieces loved it but my nephew was regrettably too short to ride.

We worked our way to the south end of the park. Here we took a moment to get picture of the kids at the Merry Measure photo op and made our way up to the park’s roller coaster, Rudy’s Rapid Transit. The coaster is still running great after all these years and it still draws a crowd. After a coupe rides we walked over to the Playground. The kids were let loose under their mothers watch as my brother and I hoped on the Rockn’ Round the Christmas tree swing ride.

Ho Ho H20Though closed for the season the parks Ho Ho H20 was not closed off. The attraction had been drained for the season and all its sprayers capped. We took a quick stroll around the attraction to get a good look at it. The attraction is a good size for the park with a few larger slides but none too large so not to be intimidating. The attraction goes a step further incorporating nicely panted panels along the bottom and 3D sculptures on the top.  I did see a plush toy of the yeti but I'm not sure if they have a walk around character. That would be something amazing to see.  Two other impressive additions were a snow covered rock sprayer and a small kiddie corner with properly sized water features and a baby carousel.  It basically allowed the child to be safely held up while they jump and plash in the shallow water.

Jingle Jamboree Animatronics

After hearing an announcement for the start of the Jingle Jamboree we made our way down to the Jingle Bell Theater and settles in for the show. Jingle Jamboree is an animatronics show. The attraction was recently rehabbed with brand new animatronics figures but recycling the original show songs and format.  My nieces and nephew were in awe of the Santa animatronics and really enjoyed the show. I am so happy to see it return since this show was always a favorite of mine when I was a child.

We made a quick circle of rides hitting the Holly humbug interactive dark ride, sky ride, and Peppermint Twist before making out way to the Polar Theater to see A Tinker doodle Christmas the parks 3D movie.  It’s a short film but the 3D effects are very good.  It’s the only 3D attraction within New England Parks so it stands out for that alone. From there it was more rides. One of my favorite is the Antique Cars. The park rehabbed this attraction a few years back with a new layout and themeing elements a very nice attraction well worth your time.

Santa's Village lights

Normally we make excursions into the Polar theater/welcome center/ craft shop building to warm up. But we were seeing rather unseasonably warm weather.  It was very comfortable more of a late Sept temperature then winter time. Unfortunately this also meant no snow. The park takes on a new personality covered with snow which is very difficult to describe.

We ate dinner at Nicks Pizzeria. The facility got new signs and a large LCD TV that markets the food. I do believe prices have gone up but they are still within reason with a 16” cheese pizza costing $13 dollars and extra topping can be added for a dollar each. Something I didn't recall is combo options.  There were three options called Comets combos featuring: a one slice one large drink for $5.00, a 2 slice 1 large drink for 8 and a family meal with 1 large 1 topping pizza and 4 drinks for $20 dollars.  Snacks throughout the day consisted of fries and mini Doe-nuts.

Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster

We wrapped up the rest of our sunlight day with rides on the train, coaster and multiple humbug rides.  We eagerly awaited nightfall and the coming of the wonderful lights. As nightfall approached we made our way to the Sky way sleigh for a second ride over the lights.  We spent most of the time hitting extra rides and just enjoying the lights. Santa's Village Sign at night with lights

Unfortunately time flies when you’re having fun and before we knew it, it was closing time. We slowly made our way to the front of the park and spent a moment looking at the item in the gift shop you exit through.  I noticed a few items from shows my nieces watched and from asking my brother found that the prices were on par with major stores like toys R us, no price gouging here. I left with a bit of sorrow, this would be my last trip for the year and it will be May till I get to visit again.  My trips to Santa’s Village as well as parks like Story Land and Canobie are filled with memories of my childhood trips, even more so when I visit with my nieces and nephew. I look forward to getting back in 2012 and seeing for myself the finished main street buildings in person.