Gothan City Gauntlet: Escape From Arkham Asylum Media Day Six Flags New England by Michael Coutermarsh
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Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
Photographs from Ace New England's Nor Easter Event at Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT
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Gotham City Gauntlet Media Day 2011 changes/SFNE Thunderbolt Retracking
2011 Changes, DC Comics Characters, & More
Do to Six Flags as a Company Dropping a number of Intellectual property contracts along with refocusing some branding a number of attractions needed to be dethemed. The DC Heroes and Villains were out in force throughout the day. A few photos are locations around the park that utilized by other attractions/thins in the past. A pleasant Bonus was Catwoman's Whip was also operating.
Six FLags New England Main Entrance Slingshot Kidzopolis stage
Kidzopolis sign Kidzopolis Kidzopolis
DC Comics Villains Cheetah DC Comics Villains (Cheetah, Joker, Riddler) DC Comics Heroes(robin, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman)
Catwoman Statue Catwoman's Whip Catwoman's Whip
Catwoman's Whip Splash Island Former Wiggles World
Jonny Rockets Lunch crowd Former fountain location Stor, Former dark ride
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