Opening Day 2014 Canobie Lake Park - By Michael Coutermarsh
Opening Day of Canobie Lake Park 2014
Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
Photo Trip Report Opening Day Photo Album New for 2014/2013 Screemfest

Written by Michael Coutermarsh
Edited by Brian B.

Spring is here and with that park season has begun.  After a week delay, Canobie is finally open for the season.  Weather was warm but there were overcast skies and a risk of rain which seemed to scare many people off.  I saw a greater than normal amount of people buying any-day tickets and driving off.

I grabbed lunch on the way at a Dairy Queen and managed to get to the park just before opening.  Guests were already in the park and rides were testing or already going.  I bought 2 tickets and upgraded one left over from last year.  So after visiting today I have tickets for two more trips.  After the bag check and the gates, I saw that they had many of the Canobie Critters out to greet guests.

I didn’t go straight to a ride but took in the park.  Frisbee and Wave Blaster were not operating today. From the looks of things they simply hadn’t been completely put back together after the off season. While this was disappointing, the rain and weather made it a bit understandable.  Later in the day, Crazy Cups went down and despite a noticeable effort they never came back up that day.

Ride Count
Cannonball x5, Untamed x5, Mine of Lost Souls x2, Star blaster x2.
I then took 1 ride on Zero Gravity, Wipe out, Rowdy Roosters, Log Flume, Pirata, Corkscrew, Ferris Wheel, Canobie Express, Blue Heron Lake Cruise, Da Vinci’s Dream, Boston Harbor Patrol, Turkish Twist, Skater and PsychoDrome.

What’s new?
Frisbee will be getting a test seat but it’s not in place yet.  Davinci’s Dream also has a new control system which works off the original operating console.   Star Blaster got new concrete and some of the railing was replaced and all of the railing has a silver paint color. Riders now are lined up by number not colors.   Sky ride will be getting new tubs. Canobie Express got a new propane tank and in car lighting.

Many attractions saw new paint: The mine cars on Mine of Lost Souls, Canobie Express, Locomotive and cars.  Caterpillar’s structure was repainted and has a cartoon like grass and bug display.

One big change is the Old Man Climbing Wall will be removed and put up for sale. The park will add a new game in its place a rope ladder challenge.  The guess your weight game has also returned seems the High Striker was destroyed by a fallen tree limb sometime last year

Another change is the corn maze area is no more.  All the sets like the entrance and Porch stage have been relocated behind Untamed.  It is now called the Magic Seed.  The area will again feature a petting zoo but no word on whether it will hold a corn maze.  There is also no definitive answer to when it will open. The attraction in the past was only featured during Screeemfest.

The newly expanded parking lot which was not finished for last summer and in turn never used is finished and will dramatically increase parking capacity.  I suspect we will see this lot used more often and the two grassed lots used only when needed.  Shuttle busses will be used less often.  Now let’s see them put that shuttle bus money to good use

The park has a new food option in 2014. The Funnel Cake stand will now offer grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, salads, and soda. Options range from traditional Grilled cheese to melts with various meat or veggie options and are combos with chips and a pickle spear.  Prices are a bit expensive with prices ranging from $6.99 for a traditional Grilled Cheese and all other options costing $8.49. Upgrades are meat $1 dollar Cheese .25 cents and Veggie .25 cents. Soup is $5.25 for a cup.

Opening Day is always a short schedule 11-6 so I didn’t spend much money.  I refilled my souvenir cup at Portofino’s for $1.08 after tax. I was surprised to see this pizza/pasta shop opened it normally doesn’t open till summer.  I also spent some time in the Palace Arcade. Pinball games are now all a quarter so I played a few.  I was especially impressed by the new Wizard of Oz Pinball which included a large LED Screen that showed video clips from the movie.

Rides were running well and they all looked great.  The staff was friendly and on their game.  Getting on rides was quick so it made for a great day for hitting rides.  I do wish more people had opted to come out and enjoy the park and the beautiful weather the day delivered.   I just wish I could have picked up more tickets.  Next trip will be after the shows start.  Michael Jackson will return. Madonna will return after a couple years away and host a new show in the dance hall.  A one direction tribute and magic show will round off the summer shows.  I also look forward to Screemfest and the new Rocktober fest coming this fall.

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