Photos 2014 Opening day at Canobie Lake Park
Opening Day of Canobie lake Park 2014
Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
Photo Trip Report Opening day 2014 Photo Album New for 2014/2013 Screeemfest
Dapper the Dog Pette the Perrot
Bruno the Bear Xtreme Frisbee Ferris Wheel Electric Sign
Untamed Station Untamed Canobie Corkscrew
Crazy cups under maintanince Wave Blaster under construction Parabolic mirror Wave Blaster shot
Mine of Lost Souls Sign Shutter Shack sign
Flume Flume Landscaping Yankee Cannonball
New expanded Parking lot Canobie Express Locamotive Canobie Express Train
Canobie Lake Park Canobie Lake Park Canobie Lake Park
Equinox Guess your weight game Turkish Twist
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