Photo Trip Report

Cannonball Train on large dropThe time had come for Canobie lake park to pen for its 110 season.  I managed to get to the park at 10:00 am just in time for the park’s opening.  I made my way to customer service and bought 3 tickets one for today and 2 more to use later in the year.  They were at a discounted rate of $25 dollars. Standard adult admission for 2012 is $33 dollars. While personally I am crying for a season pass. The opening day price was not slowing any sales. I saw many people getting 6-12 passes at $25 a pop. Lady Gaga Statue

I worked my way into the park and noticed 2 of the Canobie Critters greeting guests. They had nearly all of them out and about throughout the day.  I also noticed that they replaced the Michael Jackson statue with a Lady Gaga statue to promote the upcoming show.  Like the Jackson statue it got a lot of attention and many were taking the opportunity to snap a photo with family and friends.

The day was clear and sunny but very cold. Not too bad in the sun but get in the shade and it was very bitter. Crowds were very light compared to the last few years when we saw nicer weather on opening day.Cannonball Train on large drop

Today’s ride count
X4 – Untamed
X3 - Cannonball,
X2 - Mine of Lost Souls & Star Blaster
X1 - DaVinci’s Dream, Skater, Phycodrome, Caterpillar, Ocean Trip, Train, Turkish Twist, Frisbee, Rowdy Roosters, Wave Blaster, Crazy cups, and Pirata

Santa's Village Guest ServicesFood – Burger and onion rings with a Souvenir cup refill at Trellis. The food was ok, not great. Warm when I got it not hot, but cold weather made both items very cold about half way through eating it.  Food cost was $8.45 dollars after tax. I think if I get food at the park next trip I will go to one of the better stands.  A slightly warm burger is not worth what they are charging. The Onion rings were tasty and a reasonably good portion just could have been hotter.

Santa's Village Guest ServicesMaintenance 
All rides, except for one, were up and running when the park gates opened. Timber Splash was down because it’ still getting rehabbed. The slides will be repainted. Outside of that the only blemish was a troublesome corkscrew.  On more then one occasion the train miss braked, stopping the train too early then not releasing it to the station.  The rides were running well all day and a few rides got off season upgrades

Park improvements
The park has been busy for 2012 focusing on capital improvements.  Frisbee was given a no control panel and program it’s much more upbeat then some of the previous programs. It also kept moving until the ride was done swinging.  Phycodrome has seen the return of its strobe lights. The flood light are now shut off except for a single light over the operators area, it dose however still put a lot of light into the dome which makes the party lights hard to see. The ride itself saw a fresh coat of paint on the center machine and a few tubs saw some rehab. In all it is a huge improvement over last year.  Caterpillar also received a new cover.

Santa's Village Guest ServicesNew paint could be found all over the park, the Bumper Buggies building got a new paint job and new shields, The Sky ride supports were repainted with a birch theme that matches what was done on untamed.  Tea cups were given a whole new look, The carousel house has started it’s repainting work, the employee backstage entrance also saw a fresh coat of paint. Santa's Village Guest Services

The games department was also busy making upgrades.  The Boathouse arcade by DaVinci was gated up awaiting improvements I did see a few fresh pieces of wood but I was unable to find out if anything was being changed internally.   The basket ball game in Old Canobie between Lost souls and Timber Splash is coming out and will be replaced with a new game.

Santa's Village Guest ServicesThe most surprising rehab for 2012 is the Mine of Lost Souls dark ride.  The ride saw a major overhaul to the lighting. Many areas were relit and point lighting was much brighter.  Nearly every animated props were operational. Only ones not operating were 2 minors that, I believe, would need to be replaced.  A water fall near the back corner was operating. I hadn’t seen it work in year, I also heard some air pops, though didn’t see the air cannons working.  Oval all I was very impressed, it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Throughout the day I saw a number of ACE members and a Huge turn out from Canobiefan. I spent a good part of the day with other members of the forums just hitting rides in big groups and chatting about parks, especially Canobie. All this made for a day that was very relaxing and a lot of fun.  Looking forward to going back for the shows, though I think I will be skipping the Justin Beiber tribute show that they opted to have over Britney.   It’s good to have my home park open for the season!