Photographs from ACE Nor Easter 2012
Opening Day of Canobie lake Park 2013
Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
Photo Trip Report Opening day 2013 Photo Album Photo Album
Security check Street Performer
Equinox new ride 2012/13 Equinox Seat Equinox Operating
New Dodgems Facade Pramotional Signs Bear Lodge Mallard
Bear lodge Animals Bear Lodge Arcades Bear Lodge arcades
Boathouse Casino Boat Dock Construction
brass Band Flume Landscaping New Flume Drop
New Pirate Ship New Pirate Ship New Pirate Ship
New Pirate Ship Old Canobie Restroom path Caterpillar center
Caterpillar Empty Spot Caterpillar Empty Spot Caterpillar side shot
Trellis new food prep area Wipe Out Maintenance Canobie Corkscrew
Sky fighter emptyspot Patches with kids Thanks for Viewing
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