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Photographs from Canobie Lake Park Summer Trip Salem, NH
Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
Around The Park New and Under Construction Summer Shows
New and Under Construction in 2012
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Canobie Corkscrew New Paint
For the second time in Corkscrew's 20 years with the park the Canobie Corkscrew is being repainted. Test paint had shown up in the past but few liked the Pink colors. Now we find the coaster sporting White Supports, blue and aqua spine and will soon get Blue track.
Goliath sign and loop Goliath towers Goliath towers and loop
Goliath boomerang Riders come down Goliath's first drop Goliath lift cable counter weight wheel
Terror In The Corn
Screeemfest's Newest haunt is Terror in the Corn. This in house grown corn maze will be a not so scary attraction during the day and a Haunt come nightfall. Corn from this maze will be Grilled and sold as a food option during the fall.
Goliath entrance arch Goliath entrance sign Goliath queue building
Goliath loop Screeemfest
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Sept 28 - Oct 28th)

Terror in the Corn(new)
Cannibal Lake
The Village
Dead Shed
Merriment Inc.
Goliath loop
Boathouse Casino
Formally known as the Boathouse Arcade. This building one of the oldest on property. The building got its start as a rental location for Cannoes and sail boats. Th Boat house name stuck as it changed to an arcade and now into the new home for the Jackpot Casino.
Goliath entrance arch Goliath entrance sign Goliath queue building
Goliath entrance arch Summer Shows
Pressed Penny sign
Around The Park
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