Untamed construction photos by Michael Coutermarsh
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Photos by Michael Coutermarsh
Photographs from Ace New England's Nor Easter Event at Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT
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Canobie Lake Park Opening Day 2011 changes
Untamed Construction
Untamed Construction
For 2011 Canobie will offer it's first new coaster in 18 years. Untamed Will be like nothing else seen in the north east. it's 97° drop will be the steepest drop from New England to South Carolina. The woods theme is carried into the birch themed supports and the station. The wood themed cars with carved bear front carry you through the coaster's 3 inversion's and helixes.
Big bear Plaza loop section
untamed beign toped off Untamed beign toped off Untamed beign toped off
untamed stored track Untamed lift and droped Untamed station, lift, and drop
untamed Antuique car view Untamed lift drop from sky ride Untamed loop location
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